The Cairo Angels is Egypt’s first formal network of angel investors. Since its inception in early 2012, the Cairo Angels membership has grown to over 50 angel investors and has invested over $2 million in 14 portfolio companies, making it one of the largest and most active angel investment groups in the Middle East and Africa. Read more about the Cairo Angels in the ‘Angel Groups’ section.

Oqal, founded in Saudi Arabia in 2009, is a group of young entrepreneurs connecting angel investors with fresh and innovative entrepreneurs. Since its founding, Oqal has supported many rising start-ups. Read more about Oqal in the ‘Angel Groups’ section.

Tenmou is Bahrain´s first Business Angels Company, which provides mentorship and capital to high potential, innovative Bahraini entrepreneurs from the seed stage. Through the support and mentorship provided by our Angel shareholders, all of whom are established businessmen and successful entrepreneurs in their own right, we look to give these new entrepreneurs the greatest chance of success. Read more about Tenmou in ‘Angel Groups’ section.

WOMENA provides Gulf-based high-net-worth women a supportive, professional network and dependable guidance to invest in new companies together where we facilitate the investment process from sourcing to close. Read more about WOMENA in ‘Angel Groups’ section.