angel groups

Angel groups investment in early stage companies and high growth business. Typically, these investments are made in the form of equity or convertible notes. MAIN groups aim to invest between $250,000 and $1,000,000 in companies looking for capital to scale an existing product or service.

See below for some guidelines on what our angel investors are looking for and insights that we hope will make the process of pitching to investors more transparent and improve your chances of successfully raising capital through our platform.

If you think you fit the parameters below, please contact us.

investment criteria
  • The Investee must be a startup company established in a tax optimal jurisdiction that has investor friendly laws and regulations.
  • The Investee must be seeking investment between USD 150,000 to USD 1,000,0000.
  • The investee must be seeking investment in the form of either equity or convertible notes.
  • The investee must be willing to enter into legal documentation with the Angel Investors associated with MAIN that provides customary investor protection expected for angel investors.
  • The Investee must be willing to provide the Angel Investors associated with MAIN with suffecient information rights and best endeavors shall be exerted to obtain board representation by the MAIN Angel Investors in the Investee.
direct route or via our members

You can either apply to us directly here or apply to one of our Angel Groups here.

initial conversation
  • If you haven’t bumped into us for a personal introduction, we suggest you send us an introductory email, with a three-sentence business overview and attach a 1-2 page executive summary.
  • If you meet our investment criteria, we will schedule a call to learn more about you and your business.
  • A Piece of Advice: don't send a life story, long essay, or 25+ page business plan.
pitch events
  • If you make it to the next stage, we'll invite you to one of our pitch events, which are held periodically to allow our Angel Groups and their members to hear your formal pitch.
  • These sessions are recorded and made available to angels across our network.
  • Typically 10 minutes of pitch time and 5 minutes of Q&A. Be prepared for tough questions.
  • A Piece of Advice: Pitching to angel groups is highly competitive. You will need to stand out, by being well prepared, professional and organized.
due diligence
  • If you pass the pitch event into due diligence, a group of angels and the MAIN team will take a deep dive into your business. We'll review your documents and meet with the management team to ask our questions.
  • A Piece of Advice: the more prepared and organized you are, the more efficient this will be.
  • At the end of the diligence process, the diligence team presents its report back to the group.
  • Hopefully everyone is impressed and we can collect investment checks and fund shortly afterwards - and you can get back to creating a great business.